Research Briefs

Sharing research both within and beyond the ACTFL community


These short pieces report what the research shows about key topics, like the importance of early world language study, the impact of world language study on cognitive or academic outcomes, and more.

Written for educators, administrators, policymakers, and community members, the ACTFL Research Briefs focus on world (non-English) language education in the United States. They address the questions that we are commonly asked about language teaching and learning. They center on questions that can be answered by research that has already been conducted in the field.

Current Briefs

All ACTFL Research Briefs are publicly available here, and some may also be featured in ACTFL publications Foreign Language Annals and The Language Educator. New briefs will be published periodically throughout the year.

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The Impact of Early Language Learning
Learning language has positive impacts both in the language classroom and beyond.
Research Findings
Advanced Language Proficiency
Advanced language proficiency is beneficial for cross-cultural understanding.
Research Findings