ACTFL Strategic Plan

The Five Pillars

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

ACTFL is a leader on issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion

  • Make issues of DEI a priority of ACTFL’s strategic decision-making processes
  • Expand opportunities for volunteer leadership that reflect ACTFL’s commitment to DEI
  • Increase support for high-quality research that demonstrates the importance of DEI issues in language education
  • Demonstrate ACTFL’s leadership by convening DEI conversations that affect the language profession

Professional Development

ACTFL’s professional learning opportunities are highly valued and accessible to all language educators

  • Increase perceived value of ACTFL’s current professional learning opportunities
  • Expand accessibility to ACTFL’s professional learning opportunities
  • Explore new and innovative professional learning opportunities
  • Support the development of exemplary language programs through professional opportunities

Teacher Recruitment and Retention

ACTFL is actively engaged in improving teacher recruitment and retention

  • Increase understanding of ACTFL’s specific role in teacher recruitment and retention
  • Allocate appropriate resources to address teacher recruitment and retention
  • Explore new opportunities to engage in recruitment
  • Increase impact of existing retention endeavors


Language learning processes, practices and outcomes are grounded in and realized through evidence-based research

  • Increase research in prioritized areas
  • Improve the dissemination and visibility of rigorous empirical research on prioritized areas
  • Improve the publication and dissemination of proficiency outcomes based on research conducted on established language sequences
  • Produce more empirical research using ACTFL assessments.
  • Make current research findings more accessible to relevant stakeholders outside the language profession

Outreach and 宣传

Relevant stakeholders recognize and value the importance of language learning for all 学生

  • Identify strategic stakeholders (e.g. 父母, 学生, members of the business community, educational decision-makers, and administrators)
  • Increase impact of engagement with most relevant stakeholder
  • Increase perceived value of language learning among most relevant stakeholders