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What We Publish

ACTFL publications address the ACTFL mission: providing vision, 领导, and support for quality teaching and learning of languages. We encourage research-informed publications that provide educators with guidance on curriculum, assessment and instruction and that serve the interests of instructors, 研究人员, and/or administrators.

We look forward to working with you on your submission!

Submission Materials

Interested authors/editors submit:

  • 简历或简历
  • The ACTFL proposal form
  • At least one sample chapter

Submission Process

Submitters will receive an automated confirmation at the conclusion of the online submission process, and initial feedback will be sent within six weeks. Within four to six weeks, authors receive feedback from ACTFL regarding the status of the manuscript.

Submitted proposals are reviewed by two experts in the field, to answer the following questions:

  • Does the proposed manuscript make an original contribution to the field?
  • Does the proposed manuscript support ACTFL’s mission?
  • Is the proposed book sufficiently different – and better – than the competitor books to warrant publication?
  • Are all of the topics that should be included in this type of book adequately covered?
  • Is the writing style and the reading level satisfactory and appropriate for the intended audience?
  • Is the content appropriate for the audience, course, and/or level?

In some cases, a third reviewer may also be engaged to review the submission. Eligible reviewers are current ACTFL members, editors of Foreign Language Annals, and/or members of ACTFL’s committees.

Possible book areas/interests

ACTFL publishes books on a variety of topics, informed by the research priorities, past publications, and future predictions. Some topics include:

  • Foreign Language Teacher Development (methods textbooks and books on continuing education/professional development)
  • 指导
  • Preparing for urban settings
  • Classroom discourse
  • Core teaching practices
  • Service learning
  • 出国留学
  • Content-based instruction
  • Immersion language learning/programs
  • Heritage language learning programs
  • Elementary school programs (e.g. FLES, FLEX, immersion)
  • 星际网赌登录
  • Blended and online learning
  • Educational technology
  • 社会正义
  • 文化
  • Motivation (Psychology and language)
  • Action research
  • Instructed second language acquisition
  • 的标准
  • The teaching of particular languages

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